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A Conversation Between The Father & His Child Determines Who Are “US”—The Builders Of This Site And What We Are All About.

We Really Are About You & Me & All Of The Children Of Our Maker!

As I have written before, this is a unique SITE. It’s highly controversial because the webmaster & recorder of most all of the words in this SITE not just claims she lives in the Presence of the Almighty Creator of our beings but, she actually does such—she lives in our Creator’s Presence and holds an interchange with Him on the daily basis to the annoyance of most anyone acquainted with her writings or with herself.
Yet, in spite of all the controversy many, many souls are beginning to wake up to the reality of the higher life that this webmaster lives and talks and writes about in this SITE. Why?
Why O why? Oh my Father! I definitely know that now my fishing shall be productive, why? I am using the fruit of Your labor for a bite. Hahaha! HalleluYah! How timely You speak to me in my dreams!
It seems to me that You are leading me on to use this dream to start the Preface of SHOCKING! TV S.A.—Satan’s Altar? Oh?

Click Here to find out more about this life that I now live: Yours truly’s Journal

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