Why My Heart Pumps In Awesome Fear ….?

Astonish! I dreamed of killing a large snake in a pipe I was holding in my hands. The tail came out first. I started to pull it and the same time hollering for help, but! the head of the snake pop-up and I firmly grabbed its jaws and twisted its head vigorously until it was killed! I dusted my hands with such satisfaction and I woke up! WOW! All that happened around a couple hours ago. It’s now 8:29 am and? I still feel my heart pumping, why?

Welcome to THE FAMILY—A TRUE STORY. Post by Post You can read the book in this exclusive site. Nothing to buy—the book is priceless, but! Nothing for free. All to enjoy for the price of your attention. Twenty seconds I have to captivate that attention of yours,

The roots of The Family—A True Story? Quite visible to me are they now. Quite visible beautiful and strong like the roots in this tree. So strong those roots to be to make the tree grow. To reach the highest. Up! Up! The tree grows. Above the sun. Higher. Mightier. The tree grows. Likewise? It’s turning out to be for The Family—A True Story I am now relating to thee. The Story of The Mother and her Children in this Family.

The Family. A True Story. The Journal Of My Life….? The journal of my life is the core not only for this page but for the whole site/book. Why? Because the journal of my life tells the story in detail of how the Father/Creator changed or transformed me from a cringing fearful creature to the fearlessly one that I now am. Click the button for a good read! I'm up to Chapter 14, but! There are many more chapters coming. Keep checking. And don't forget to feed me back. I like to know how the Story is touching your heart. Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂