Truly, we have all missed our Father’s heart!

Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 10:42 am.

O my Father! Shabbat Shalom! This is turning out to be a wonderful Shabbat! O well, maybe I should start by saying: Great peace to you on this Seventh Day instead of the usual Hebrew greeting that so alienate so many people for reasons of their own!

First of all because I use the Hebrew greeting most people label me as practicing the Jewish religion; by far I haven’t got a clue of how I would ever get involved in the Jewish religion! For the little that I know about it the adherents of such religion are more guilty of idolatry than any other religion! Why?

Because the Almighty originally chose them and gave them His laws & His commandments and the Almighty has performed mighty miracles among them and the Almighty has blessed them…still… the adherents of such religion insist in the worship of what seems good & what feels good in their own human mind and heart—Just like it happened in that garden a long time ago!

So much said about the matter; now I’m going on to record what has come to me on this momentous occasion of my entrance into the world of Facebook—the home for maybe half of the inhabitants of this world!

WOW! There is no question in my mind that You, my Father, have reserved this world for me for just this moment of time. Even a few months ago I would not have had the courage to state & proclaim the truth & reality of our condition & state of being as bluntly as I am stating & proclaiming it now!

Right of the bat I made an statement about religion! I wrote, It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship Religion is an invention of the devil himself to deceive the children of the Almighty Yahuwah–our Creator & Loving Father–abandon religion & seek Him while He may be found.

Well, I went to copy what I wrote in my info page in Facebook and when I pasted above I got curious about the link so I control/click that linked and it brought me to the page that informed that 2666 people had liked what I wrote and 22 people were talking about it. What? I wonder what it all means? I posted the issue in my class discussion panel; now I wait to see the answer to my dilemma.

Anyhow, it came to my mind this morning the issue of ‘church & church services in all the different religions in comparison with what I wrote earlier about religion. And I thought, ‘Truly, we have all missed our Father’s heart!’

Let’s go to the next page to find the answer to this weeping matter…For our Father weeps…

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