Here Comes The New, Revised Nowistime.Com In Route To Captivate Many Hearts!….

Here Comes The New, Revised Nowistime.Com In Route To Captivate Many Hearts!….

There will be yet many more tries at other themes but the heading shall remain for a time! Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 11:20 am
Father? I have been floundering around since You led me to post, From The Heart Of A Child Dead To This World Of Grownups! I had no idea which way to go next until, this moment of time!
It totally amazes me the way You lead me. You lead me like a parent with common sense leads the child of their charge. Sort like, the child is left to do whatever without restriction but, with much gentleness, the parent calls the attention of the child, “Look!” and the child turns to look to the right way and forget whatever the child was up to doing!
That is what You do with me—You let me flounder here and there then, suddenly! I see what is it that I am supposed to do!
For the last few days I have been floundering around my main site, I decided to turn it into my Author’s Blog!
Well, that was not the best decision I made—one simply cannot turn an old dog into a young one! But I gave it a try! Duh!
Yes! I gave that project a good try until now! Now I am ready to return my back to what it is supposed to be, namely my main site!
There are tons of information in since I built that site in 2006. In the last nine years since I built, the world along with myself has been going through an amazing transformation.
Therefore, had to undergo many updates and revisions.
Even so, since the beginning of 2015 I discovered blogging! Ah! What happened to my Neglected! I simply had not figured out what to do with my first child site! Woohoo!
Not to worry! Father is in control! So, I have been preparing a beautiful html layout in Dreamweaver that I am in the process to convert it to php format so I can use it in WordPress.
In the process, just as I am about to finalize that project, Boing! The light shone from the heart of my Teacher, “This shall be!” came clearly into view!
Thus, let the new revised travel swiftly, effectively and victoriously through the waves of the Net, to reach its final destination in the heart of each individual child of our Father/Creator! Ha! Ha! HalleluYah!
His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia

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