A Greater Exodus. This Time? No Bread From The Sky To Rain. Must Prepare. To Us His Call Is Not In Vain.

Who Am I? Why Am Pushing For Donations Towards Millions Of Dollars?

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Monday, May 15, 2017 at 7:08 pm

Who am I? I am one of those people who bring terror to the very heart of Satan himself. Why?

I am not telling you what to do. I only wish to share with you what I done to become one of those people who bring terror to the very heart of Satan himself. I done what I never could do before with my own will power & heart desires. I done it only by the power of the Creator’s love not by my power.

  • I humbled myself.
  • I became as a little child.
  • I gave up all my biases.
  • I submitted my mind and feelings unto the Creator.
  • I no longer trust my mind or feelings.
  • I trust the Creator as I would the best human father in the world. The result?

Again, I am one of those people who bring terror to the very heart of Satan himself. Why?

Satan knows he has not a chance of enticing me to sin with lustful wantings or greedy gains. Satan knows that neither riches or fame can separate me from the Father’s purpose in my life.

On those terms, we must unite. As ONE unite! Why not? It is our lot. United Kindred Spirits Organization shall prevail against the worst coming to us.

We are in the days of abundance. The whole world is vibrating at the sound of success and abundance of everything our heart could desire and more. Sadly, this abundance will not last forever. This world is destined for destruction. No devil or human is there to thwart the written words. The great tribulation is coming as it has been prophesied.

Let’s prepare while we are giving time to do so. United by His love not by our human love & reasoning. But by His love we shall survive and overcome and endure until the end of the horror soon to engulf the globe and all its abode.

United by His love we shall conquer. Divided by our human reason we shall perish.

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